More and more Filipinos find that using GCash and Paymaya to pay bills or for shopping is far more convenient. Adding to the ease they have provided users over time, these platforms have emerged as dominant players in the Philippine payment system market.

The simplicity of carrying out cashless transactions, even with other commercial banks, is a one-factor drawing in most Filipinos, particularly those without credit cards or bank accounts.

❓ Can I Send Money From GCash to PayMaya Yes. The steps for transferring from GCash to Paymaya are given in the next section below.
πŸ’° GCash to PayMaya Transaction Fee P 15.00 pesos
πŸ’³ Minimum Amount to Send P 500 pesos
πŸ’Έ Paymaya minimum withdrawal P 50K – 100K pesos per month

Remarkably, these e-wallet systems were created quite some time ago, but during the pandemic, as more people began shopping online, they grew in popularity and blossomed. For this reason, CasinoHex has chosen to research these payment options. In this post, we’ll go over the process point by point on how to transfer GCash to Paymaya.

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❓ Step-by-Step How To Send Money From GCash To Paymaya

Sending money from GCash to Paymaya and knowing how to send money from Maya to GCash make online transactions, bill payments, and mobile shopping easy and convenient in just a few steps. Below, we explain all you need to know about GCash to Paymaya transfers:

  1. Log in to Your GCash Account:
  2. To get started, you open the app and sign in to your account with the credentials you got when signing up. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to the dashboard.

    If you don’t have an existing account, you may need to register and create a new one before logging in.

    How to Create/Register a New Account on GCash

    • Download GCash on Google Play or the App Store and install it on your mobile phone.
    • Open the mobile app and click on the register button.
    • Provide your mobile number and click on Next.
    • A six-digit authentication code sent to the phone number you used to register the account will be used to confirm your account. Enter them after obtaining the code, then select Submit Code.
    • Enter your personal information, including your name, date of birth, and email address. Confirm that all details are accurate before you click Submit.
    • The next step is to generate a four-digit Mobile Personal Identification Number (MPIN). Your MPIN will act as your password to access your account, so be sure to select a unique one that is difficult for others to figure out.
    • Click Submit after reading and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
    • Now, you can log in to start sending and receiving money from your app.

    You need to top-up your account with sufficient funds before making any transfer. Select from the available cash-in options by clicking “Cash-In” within the app. Follow each option’s instructions until the transaction process is successfully completed.

  3. Tap on the Bank Transfer option
  4. From the menu list that appears on the dashboard after login, click on the “Bank Transfer” option to select the bank you want to transfer to.

  5. Click on “View All” or Use the Search Bar
  6. On the bank transfer page, select the View All button at the bottom right corner to view the complete list of shortlisted banks you can transfer to from GCash. Scroll down to find the PayMaya Philippines, Inc. option. Another option is to search using “Paymaya” in the search bar at the top of the page.

  7. Select “Maya Philippines Inc./Maya Wallet”:
  8. Select the “Maya Philippines Inc.” option to proceed with the transfer

  9. Enter Bank/Payment Details:
  10. Once you have input the amount you want to transfer, you must enter the Paymaya bank details, which include the Maya Account Name, Maya Account number, and the preferred email address you wish to get a copy of the receipt (optional).

  11. Confirm Transfer Details:
  12. Ensure you enter the correct information before moving further to prevent mistakes or delays. Double-check until there are no mistakes in the data entered, then click “Confirm.”

  13. Transaction Successful:
  14. Your payment is being processed as soon as the transaction is confirmed, and you’ll get an email or SMS letting you know the transfer was successful. Although most payments are processed instantly, you can verify if the money has already been deposited into the recipient’s wallet by checking the PayMaya account.

πŸ’° Fees And Limits

Like all other banks and e-wallets in the Philippines, GCash and Paymaya have their limits and fees for sending and receiving money within a specific range. These fees are divided into two categories for outgoing and incoming wire transfers.

You can transfer from GCash to Paymaya to another account on the same platform without incurring additional fees; however, there is a monthly cap on the total amount you can withdraw or spend.

As one of the most recent updates, there is an additional transaction fee of 15.0 pesos for every transaction made from GCash to a Paymaya account through Electronic Fund Transfer services. The transaction fee will be taken from your wallet. The same also applies to transactions from GCash to Paypal transfer.

As noted earlier, there are transaction limits on GCash and Paymaya, and they apply depending on your account status. For GCash, there’s the Fully Verified, GCash Jr., GCash Plus/Enterprise, and Platinum status, while for Paymaya, we have the Basic, Upgraded/ Complete, or Super User Level.

As a basic Maya user, your wallet balance limit is β‚±50K, and a fully verified account on GCash will have a daily transaction limit of β‚±100,000 for sending and spending money from their GCash Wallets. Likewise, you may no longer send or receive money or make transactions through GCash until your limits are reset the next month.

❗ Important Notes

Transferring funds from GCash to Maya is very straightforward and convenient. However there’s always a need to ensure that both GCash and Paymaya accounts are active and verified to facilitate a smooth transaction without errors.

After each transaction, simply screenshot the invoice number or reference ID. These details will come in handy later on if there are any issues with the current transaction.

Finally, confirm that you have sufficient funds in your wallet to complete the transaction successfully. In just a few minutes, you can complete a smooth transfer for a small GCash to Maya transfer fee of PHP 15 plus the desired amount you want to transfer.

πŸ“ž Customer Support

For any queries or issues you may encounter while transferring, contact the GCash Support service or reach them through their support lines. Alternatively, you can report a failed transaction on Paymaya and GCash through their Help Center.

πŸ’³ Payment Service βœ‰οΈ Email πŸ“ž Phone Number πŸ’» Contact Form πŸ“  Live Chat Support (social messenger if available)
GCash 2882 Live Chat with customer support directly from the website or app
Paymaya (+632) 208845-7788 Live Chat with customer support directly from the app



1️⃣ How can I transfer money from GCash to PayMaya?

To transfer money from GCash to PayMaya, open the GCash app, select β€œSend Money,” enter the amount, and choose the β€œSend to Bank” option. Enter the PayMaya account details and confirm the transaction.

2️⃣ What fees apply to transferring money between GCash and PayMaya?

Fees may vary depending on the specific transaction. For current fee information, please visit the GCash and PayMaya websites or check within the respective apps.

3️⃣ How long does it take to transfer money between GCash and PayMaya?

The speed of the transfer may be influenced by current network load and verification processes. In most cases, it should be a relatively quick process, taking a few minutes.

4️⃣ Can I use GCash to purchase goods or services through PayMaya?

Yes, you can. When making a payment for goods or services, choose the option to pay through PayMaya, select it, and follow the provided instructions.

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