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Jiliko Casino Review

  • Jiliko Casino launched in 2023
  • 1053+ casino games
  • Offers Live Dealer & Mobile Games
  • Offers VIP Program & Dedicated VIP Manager
  • Players from Singapore accepted

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Games offered
Customer service
Min. Deposit
100 PHP
Payment methods
7-Eleven (16)GCash (27)GrabPay (17)PayMaya (18)
Compatible devices
GEOs accepted
Deposit Methods
7-Eleven (16)GCash (27)GrabPay (17)PayMaya (18)
Withdrawal Methods
GCash (27)
Year Established
Cq9 Gaming (26)
Evolution Gaming (28)
EvoPlay (23)
JDB (24)Jili (27)
Number of Games
Live Chat
Support Email
Working hours 24/7
Vip Program
Welcome to the electrifying world of Jiliko Casino, a beacon of gaming excellence that has swiftly captivated the hearts of Filipino aficionados. Established with the flair of Filipino culture in mind, Jiliko Casino is not just a hub for thrills; it’s a bastion of security and fair play. With the esteemed Malta Gaming Authority watching over every deal and spin, players are guaranteed a gaming environment that’s as secure as it is exhilarating.
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💰 Minimum deposit ₱100
🎰 The number of online games 1053+
💳 Minimum withdrawal ₱100
💸 Welcome bonus 300%

The casino’s commitment to legal and ethical gameplay is further cemented by certifications from UK Gambling Commission and rigorous testing by GLI Labs, ensuring the Random Number Generators (RNGs) uphold the highest standards of randomness and fairness. This symphony of oversight ensures that every moment spent in Jiliko’s vibrant gaming universe is both safe and enjoyable for Filipino players.

As we draw the curtains on the introduction to Jiliko Casino, it’s the establishment’s unwavering dedication to the Philippine market that takes center stage. This isn’t just a platform for gaming; it’s a celebration of Filipino gamers, with localized content and services tailored to resonate with the archipelago’s vibrant spirit.

But what’s a fiesta without the allure of gifts? Jiliko’s bountiful bonuses are like the starlight in the Philippine sky—brilliant and beckoning. Let’s explore these treasures further and unravel how they enhance the gaming expedition for every Juan and Maria stepping into this digital arena of chance and fortune.

300 Sign-up Bonus: Your Gateway to Gaming Excitement

Imagine stepping into a realm of gaming where your very first stride is met with a treasure trove—a 300% Sign-Up bonus that triples your inaugural deposit, catapulting your starting balance to new heights. This is the allure that Jiliko Casino extends to its newcomers, a warm Filipino welcome that’s as generous as it is strategic.

Here’s the thrill of the 300 welcome: deposit a modest sum of, let’s say, 100 PHP, and Jiliko Casino will infuse your account with an additional 300 PHP, leaving you with a hefty 400 PHP to embark on your gaming quest. Compared to the industry standard, this bonus is a Filipino fiesta in its own right, bestowing players with a bounty rarely matched in the local market.

Yet, such gifts come with their own tapestry of terms—think of them as the rules of engagement in this digital playground. While weaving through this bounty, players must be cognizant of game restrictions and the exclusivity of this offer, as it often cannot be twined with other promotions. Nonetheless, the 300 sign-up bonus remains a golden handshake for those eager to explore the vibrant corridors of Jiliko Casino, a testament to the establishment’s commitment to making every player’s experience grand from the very start.

Free 100 No Deposit Bonus in the Philippines

In the lush gaming landscape of Jiliko Casino, a rare gem sparkles, tempting not just seasoned gamers but also those new to the fold. It’s the Free 100 No Deposit Bonus, a beacon of accessibility that beckons Filipino players with its promise of risk-free play. This bonus is akin to a golden ticket, granting you the liberty to explore Jiliko’s myriad of games without the need to reach into your wallet.

What’s the catch, you might wonder? There isn’t one. This is no deposit bonus is as straightforward as a tropical breeze. Simply register, and behold—an instant 100 PHP bonus is credited to your account, ready to unfurl its potential at the slots or tables. It’s a testament to Jiliko’s philosophy of inclusivity, ensuring that every aspiring gamer can sample the delights of this digital wonderland sans the usual financial commitment.

Such a gesture is not merely about the thrill of complimentary play; it’s Jiliko’s way of sowing trust and camaraderie in the fertile soil of the Philippine gaming community. As we pivot to the recurring delights reserved for the casino’s loyal patrons, let’s remember the Free 100 as the first chapter in a narrative of generous rewards that punctuate the Jiliko experience.

VIP Bonus Every Week: Exclusive Perks for Loyal Players

For those who have woven their weekly routines with the tapestry of Jiliko’s gaming world, the VIP Bonus Every Week stands as a testament to the casino’s appreciation. It’s a recurring toast to loyalty, a perk that flourishes with each roll of the dice and turn of the card. Engage in the games you adore, and Jiliko acknowledges your fervor with a weekly bonus that grows more bountiful with your consistent patronage.

This is not a one-size-fits-all reward; it’s tailored, with layers of bonuses that align with your VIP status. The more you immerse yourself in Jiliko’s realm, the more opulent your weekly treasures become. From extra spins to bonus credits, these incentives are designed to enhance your gaming journey, transforming regularity into royalty.

As we pivot from the weekly windfalls to the pantheon of exclusive promotions, remember that the VIP Bonus Every Week is but one fragment of Jiliko’s grand design to enrich your gaming experience, ensuring that each visit is as rewarding as the last.

Exclusive Promotions and Offers at Jiliko Philippines Casino

Step into the vibrant world of Jiliko Philippines Casino, where the fervor of gaming meets the warmth of Filipino hospitality through a suite of exclusive promotions. Crafted with the local audience in mind, these offers are as diverse as the archipelago itself, ensuring every player finds a deal that resonates with their personal play style.

Imagine a promotion akin to the Philippines’ colorful festivals, where the ‘Lose Money Cash Back’ initiative stands as the Ati-Atihan of the casino world, turning the tide on losses and infusing players’ spirits with a chance at redemption. Other tailored treats include deposit matches that echo the country’s lush landscapes, multiplying players’ funds as abundantly as the rice terraces of Banaue.

With a keen understanding of its community, Jiliko’s promotions are a cultural mosaic, melding traditional Filipino values with the thrill of modern gaming—each offer designed to enhance the unique gaming journey of Jiliko’s patrons.

  • Download the Jiliko APP2.0 for a Generous 100 PHP Bonus: A smart start to your mobile gaming journey.
  • February FB Sharing Bonus Upsurge to 58 PHP: Spread the word and reap the rewards with a simple share.
  • A Hearty 300% Welcome Bonus for New Members: Amplify your initial deposit and fuel your playtime.
  • Lucky Draw Extravaganza: Every ticket guarantees a win, ranging from 18 to 1,688 PHP bonuses.
  • Double the Fun with an Invite Friends Bonus: Refer a buddy and both revel in a bonus bonanza.
  • Live Game Lover’s Treat – 20% Bonus: Dive into the live action and snag an extra slice of the pie.
  • Lose Money Cash Back: A comforting pat on the back, offering a cashback oasis of up to 1,888 PHP.

Jiliko Online Casino Daily Task: Engage, Play & Earn

At the heart of Jiliko Casino’s player-centric approach is the ingenious Daily Task feature, a gamified incentive that transforms everyday play into a ladder of achievement. Engage, Play, & Earn—this triad is the essence of Jiliko’s daily missions, each crafted to deepen your involvement and reward your passion for the game.

Be it spinning the slots or taking on the dealer in blackjack casinos Philippines, every completed task is a rung climbed on the reward ladder. These tasks are more than just milestones; they are a gentle nudge to explore new gaming territories, a catalyst for diversifying your casino escapades. With tangible rewards like free spins and bonus chips, the Daily Task system at Jiliko is a testament to the casino’s investment in your gaming pleasure and progression.

Win Big with Monthly Jiliko PH iPhone and Christmas Car Prizes!

The monthly prize bonanza at Jiliko Casino is nothing short of a spectacle, a monthly gala where the stakes are high, and the rewards are grandiose. In the realm of Jiliko, each wager is a step closer to potentially life-changing prizes. Imagine the allure of winning the latest iPhone or the keys to a brand-new car, glistening like a star atop a Christmas tree. These aren’t just incentives; they’re dreams within a spin’s reach.

Such opulence elevates the gaming journey from routine to extraordinary, each month endowing players with the chance to clutch more than just winnings—these are tangible slices of luxury. It’s an exhilarating fusion of high-tech and high-touch rewards, ensuring that the thrill of the game transcends the digital sphere and enters the tangible world of aspiration and achievement.

10% Unlimited Referral Bonus

The spirit of camaraderie is richly rewarded at Jiliko Casino, where the 10% Unlimited Referral Bonus acts as a catalyst for community growth. Introduce your friends to Jiliko’s exhilarating universe, and a perpetual bonus stream begins to flow. Each friend who joins and plays not only enriches the tapestry of this gaming community but also brings a 10% bonus from their initial deposit into your fold.

This is not just an incentive; it’s a celebration of connections, an acknowledgment that the joy of gaming is amplified when shared. The boon of bringing buddies is boundless, with no cap on the number of new players you can introduce, making every referral a potential treasure trove.

Guaranteed Jiliko Casino Wins with the Lucky Draw

Within the vibrant confines of Jiliko Casino, the Lucky Draw stands as a beacon of fortune, a game of chance promising that every ticket holds the key to victory. Participation is simplicity itself; with each deposit, players earn tickets, each one a harbinger of potential riches.

From bonuses to cash prizes, the loot is as varied as it is enticing. This isn’t a mere draw; it’s a celebration of serendipity, where every player is guaranteed a slice of the prize pie. The anticipation swells with each draw, as the allure of guaranteed wins makes this not just a game, but a ritual of reward.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods: Easy and Secure Transactions

The cornerstone of any online casino experience is the ease and security with which one can conduct transactions. At Jiliko Casino, the tapestry of deposit and withdrawal methods is woven with this very ethos. Players can expect a seamless flow of funds, safeguarded by cutting-edge encryption that ensures each transaction is as secure as a vault within the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Whether you’re looking to begin your gaming journey or planning to revel in your winnings, Jiliko’s banking options cater to your convenience. Choose from a myriad of methods: e-wallets that transact at the speed of light, credit cards trusted worldwide, or bank transfers rooted in familiarity. Each method is a conduit for a seamless gaming experience, enabling you to concentrate on thrill of the game rather than the mechanics of money.

With Jiliko, rest assured, your financial interactions are not just transactions; they are protected passages in your gaming odyssey, designed to be as straightforward and secure as a handshake.

💳 Payment Method 💸 Transaction Type 👛 Minimum Amount (₱) 💰 Maximum Amount (₱) Transaction Time 💵 Fees
GrabPay Deposit/Withdrawal 50 500000 Instant / 24 hours Varies by provider
GCash Deposit/Withdrawal 50 500000 Instant / 24 hours Varies by provider
Paymaya Deposit/Withdrawal 50 500000 Instant / 24 hours Varies by provider
Bank Transfer Deposit/Withdrawal 50 500000 Instant / Up to 5 business days Varies by bank

Dive into Jiliko Bet in the Philippines

Plunge into the heart of Jiliko Bet, where a cornucopia of games awaits, each tailored to resonate with the Philippine and Asian gaming palates. The casino’s lobby is a virtual mosaic, rich with the hues of classic Filipino favorites and the vibrant shades of pan-Asian entertainment.

Experience the thrill of Sabong, an age-old Filipino pastime, now transformed into a digital spectacle. It’s not just a game; it’s a cultural journey that captures the essence of the Philippine spirit. The allure of Pachinko and Mahjong, mainstays in the Asian gaming diet, are reimagined here, offering a slice of the Far East’s gaming scene.

Slot enthusiasts will find themselves in an enchanted realm of themed online slot machine Philippines, each narrative-rich and visually stunning, echoing the stories and myths of the region. Table game aficionados are not left wanting, with variations of Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo that evoke the sophistication of Macau’s grandiose casinos.

Each game at Jiliko is a portal to a new dimension of play, meticulously curated to ensure that the offerings are not just games, but odes to Asian gaming culture. The rich tapestry of Jiliko’s game library demonstrates an unwavering commitment to delivering a gaming experience as diverse and dynamic as Asia itself.

What Makes Jiliko Philippines Casino Unique?

What sets Jiliko Casino apart in the bustling digital casino landscape is its profound understanding and celebration of the Filipino gaming ethos. It’s not merely about offering games; it’s about creating an amalgam of entertainment and cultural resonance.

Here, players discover a platform that speaks their language, both literally and figuratively. A rich selection of games is infused with local flavors, like the beloved game of Pusoy, which mirrors the community’s card-playing traditions. The live casino rooms are not just about dealing cards; they are arenas where Filipino hospitality shines, with live dealers greeting players with the warmth akin to a friend’s welcome.

It’s in the intricate details that Jiliko’s unique charm sparkles—promotions celebrate local festivals and holidays, and the site design features motifs that evoke a sense of home. Even the reward system is thoughtfully tailored, recognizing the valor of Filipino players with bonuses that salute their gaming prowess.

For the Filipino gambler, Jiliko Casino is more than a gaming site; it’s a haven that honors their culture, caters to their preferences, and provides a secure, fair, and immersive gaming sanctuary.

Jiliko App for Mobile Gaming

The Jiliko App crystallizes the essence of mobile gaming convenience, placing a world-class casino experience in the palm of your hand. Offering instant access to Jiliko’s extensive gaming library, the app serves as a nexus between dynamic gaming and on-the-go lifestyles.

Its user-friendly interface is a testament to Jiliko’s commitment to seamless play, while robust security features ensure that your virtual chips are as secure as the ones behind the croupier’s desk. With the app, you’re no longer tethered to a desktop; freedom is literally at your fingertips—whether you’re in the bustling streets of Manila or lounging on the sun-kissed beaches of Boracay.

Updates and notifications keep you in the loop with the latest games and promotions, ensuring you never miss out on a chance to win big. The Jiliko App is not just a tool; it’s your personal croupier, waiting to deal you in wherever you are, whenever you fancy a flutter.

Customer Support

📬Live chat: Yes
📬Email: [email protected]
📜License: PAGCOR

At Jiliko Casino, the customer support framework is the unsung hero ensuring that each player’s gaming voyage is devoid of turbulence. With a team of dedicated professionals, Jiliko’s support structure stands vigilant, ready to offer assistance at a moment’s notice. This commitment is palpable through their 24/7 live chat service, a beacon of help in the rare instance that players encounter choppy waters.

Moreover, the support extends beyond the immediacy of problem-solving. Personalized care is the cornerstone of Jiliko’s philosophy, where each inquiry is treated not as a ticket but as a valuable dialogue. The support team’s fluency in Filipino dialects and their in-depth understanding of the local gaming landscape underscore their dedication to a seamless experience, fostering a sense of trust and well-being within the Jiliko community.



1️⃣ Is it safe to play with real money at Jiliko PH Casino?

Rest assured, playing with real money at Jiliko PH Casino is as secure as Fort Knox. With state-of-the-art encryption and adherence to stringent regulatory standards, your funds and personal data are under lock and key, ensuring a safe betting environment.

2️⃣ Are there any location restrictions for accessing Jiliko Casino in the Philippines?

Fret not, for Jiliko Casino embraces players across the Philippine archipelago. While some regions may have restrictions, Jiliko’s digital doors are widely open, ensuring that most enthusiasts can indulge in their gaming pastime unfettered by geographical bounds.

3️⃣ How often does Jiliko Casino introduce new games?

Jiliko Casino is ever-evolving, introducing new games with a frequency that keeps the thrill fresh. Every month, players can expect a trove of novel titles, ensuring the gaming landscape is continually brimming with excitement.

4️⃣ Can I set spending limits on my Jiliko Casino account?

Yes, at Jiliko Casino, responsible gaming is paramount. Players can easily set spending limits to ensure their gaming remains within a realm of enjoyment and financial prudence.

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