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The chances are you’re reading this post because you would like to know how to transfer money to PayPal from GCash. Most people know how to send money in the other direction (i.e., from PayPal to GCash), but not many know how to send GCash to PayPal.

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GCash is fast becoming the most common Filipino mobile payment method. There are more than 20 million users of GCash in the Philippines, and it is used for almost everything. This includes saving, bank transfers, shopping, and online gambling sites Philippines. GCash offer several benefits for casino players in the Philippines, including convenient and secure transactions through the online casino GCash mobile wallet, exclusive promotions and bonuses.

🎰 Can I Send Money From Gcash To Paypal: Yes
⚡️ Gcash to Paypal Transfer Fee: 3.4% + ₱151
🎁 Minimum Amount to Send: ₱500
⭐️ Withdrawal Fee: ₱50

For lots of Filipino gamblers, GCash is the number one mobile casino wallet choice. It is both quick and efficient, and players can use it to deposit either cash or their winnings anywhere and at any time.

It’s not just popular for its simplicity but also because it is often much quicker than other payment methods – especially for withdrawing winnings from online casinos and sportsbooks.

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GCash to PayPal Transfer: What You Need

To do a GCash to PayPal transfer, you need a GCash account, a GCash MasterCard debit card, and two active PayPal accounts (a primary one linked to your MasterCard or to Visa casino and a second one used to receive PayPal funds from the primary account through GCash). With the primary PayPal account, it is only possible to link a card in the same name as the account holder. It’s also not possible to link a GCash AmEx Virtual Pay card. This is because this card has a billing address in the U.S, and you can only use local addresses.

The secondary around can be another account of yours or a friend’s. It is where you’ll receive the funds from your primary account via the GCash card. You can have two personal accounts if one is a personal one and the other, secondary PayPal account is a business or ‘premier’ account.

How to Cash in with PayPal

The very first thing to do is to log in to the GCash app and select ‘Cash In’ option in dashboard, select ‘PayPal’. Though at first, you might think GCash transfer to PayPal method is complicated, once you understand it, it’s actually pretty simple. Here is a breakdown of how to transfer money from GCash to PayPal using two PayPal accounts.

How to Transfer GCash Funds to PayPal: Step-by-Step Guide

This method has three steps. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Step 1. Link your GCash MasterCard to your primary PayPal account.

The GCash card must be your own and must be linked to your GCash account already.

To link your card to your PayPal, log in, then choose ‘Wallet’ from the menu. On the wallet page, choose “link a card”. You’ll then need to enter your card details (card number, expiry date, CVV, and the card billing address). To finalize, click ‘link card’.

Step 2. Send money to the secondary account on PayPal

The next part of the process is to send funds through your GCash MasterCard to the secondary PayPal account. To do this, you need to head to PayPal and log into your main account. You’ll then need to click ‘send’. Clicking ‘Send & Request’ from the main menu is also an option.

You’ll then need to enter the secondary PayPal account’s email address when prompted. Click ‘next’ after you’ve done this. You’ll be prompted to enter the amount to send. The default currency will be PHP (Philippine pesos), but it is possible to change to any currency. Click ‘continue’.

Next, you’ll be given a list of bank accounts and linked cards to choose the funding source. You need to choose ‘G-XCHANGE Bank’. This is the company name of GCash. Click ‘next’.

There will be a transaction fee which is a small percentage as well as a fixed fee.

Before sending money and finalizing with ‘send payments now’, you’ll be able to review the details. Make sure you have enough funds in the GCash wallet for the total payable, including fees.

PayPal will then take the money from your GCash wallet and send it to the secondary PayPal account address. You’ll receive an email to confirm this.

Step 3. Transfer the funds back to the primary PayPal account

The last step is to get the funds out of the secondary bank account and send them back to the primary one.

You’ll need to log into the secondary account (ask the owner to do it if it isn’t yours) and click ‘send’ (like we did the first time). Next, enter the primary account’s email address and click ‘next’.

Then, enter how much to send and choose the currency. It’s best to have all currencies in PHP casinos so that there are no low conversion rates. Click ‘continue’.

The following screen will ask you whether you are sending it to friends or family member (personal) or buying something (purchase). Choose personal, then click ‘continue’.

You’ll need to choose the PayPal balance as the default funding source, then click ‘next’.

Before clicking ‘send payments now’, review the payment details a final time. The fund transfer is complete! Now you are ready to make the online casino PayPal deposit if needed.

How to Transfer Money from GCash to PayMaya

GCash to Paymaya transfer, two leading mobile wallet services, have revolutionized digital payments. Transferring funds between GCash and PayMaya is seamless, offering users unprecedented convenience. Users can effortlessly send money, pay bills, and make purchases across a vast network of merchants. With their user-friendly interfaces and robust security measures, GCash and PayMaya ensure swift and secure transactions, enhancing the overall digital financial landscape for millions of users.

  1. Open the GCash app
  2. Choose “bank transfer”
  3. Select “view all” and find “PayMaya”
  4. Select “PayMaya Philippines Inc.”
  5. You’ll see the PayMaya account number and mobile number appear
  6. Click ‘”send money”.
  7. Confirm the details

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How to Transfer Money from PayPal to GCash

  1. Login to GCash App and click on ‘My Profile’ to get to My Linked Accounts.
  2. Select “Link Paypal Account” and enter your PayPal credentials.
  3. Login through the PayPal and tap on ‘Link, click to authorize.
  4. Once linking is successful, you will now be able to add funds from your PayPal account to your GCash wallet.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now know how to cash in PayPal using GCash. It does take a little while to get your head around the process, but once you’ve don’t it, you’ll easily remember the process for future transfers. Hopefully, there’ll soon be a function to add funds directly to a personal PayPal account, but for now, CasinoHEX recommends following this method. Also, we recommend you to read how to deposit in PNXbet using GCash article.


1️⃣ Can I transfer funds from GCash to PayPal?

Yes. If you follow the method above, it is easy to get and transfer funds from your GCash account to PayPal.

2️⃣ How do I send money to PayPal without an account?

You will need to borrow a trusted friend’s PayPal account or family member’s PayPal account for the secondary account.

3️⃣ What is the ​​minimum amount to transfer GCash to PayPal?

There is no minimum transfer amount, but you should be aware of the fees charged and make sure you have enough to cover the amount you are transferring. Unfortunately, you can’t transfer GCash to PayPayl without a credit card.