how to play baccarat and win guide

If you have watched any of the Bond movies so far, you must have noticed that agent 007 has a soft spot for the card game. The game in question is online Baccarat Philippines. It is usually played by wealthy high-rollers like Bond himself and is extremely risky, as you may have noticed. Baccarat rules can be quickly acquired; however, the key to winnings is to make smart bets, which takes more than simply being familiar with the rules.

In addition to land-based casinos, this game is included in online gambling websites. Moreover, online casino dealer Philippines host live dealers at the baccarat table, thus making the experience much more enjoyable.

This article is specifically designed for players who wish to try this exciting care game in the future. It will discuss the rules of the game, how to play it, and how to win Baccarat in great detail. Additionally, Baccarat players can also find the tutorial helpful for improving their chances of winning.

Baccarat Rules

What is Baccarat? What are the basic rules of the game? First and foremost, Baccarat is a card game and is all about betting. The rules are far from complex and are easily explained. Essentially, there are three hands – the Banker’s and the Player’s hand, and the Ties. You can bet on one of these hands, and your goal as a player is to bet on the winning side. You can also bet on a tie option, but even if you don’t your chips will return to you in the event of a tie outcome.

The term Player’s hand should not confuse you. There can be multiple players at the table, while this is just a hand and one of the possible outcomes of the game.

How to play Baccarat? The game begins with you investing chips. You choose how much to invest and where to place them. Then, the dealer or the ‘banker’ deals two hands, the Banker’s hand, and the Player’s hand, on the table. He puts two cards on each hand. To whom the victory goes depends on the value of each side of the table. The following section discusses how the winner is determined based on cards’ value.

Banker’s Hand Player’s Hand Tie
A winning bet on the banker’s hand pay 1:1. So, if you bet $10, then you get $10 minus 5% commission Here is approximately the same, the winning bet gets 1 to 1 the betting sum Here, the winning bet gets 8 to 1 

How Baccarat Cards and Points Work

Baccarat is played with all the cards in a standard deck, but the dealer uses multiple decks. Cards 2-9 have their face value, 10-K equals zero points, and Ace equals one.

The scoring is straightforward. The banker adds up card values in order to get the hand score. If the value of a hand has two digits, the latter digit is counted. Therefore, the highest score one can get is 9. As to how to win in Baccarat, the hand you bet on should come as close to 9 as possible, preferably without going over.

If the hand score amount to either 8 or 9, whoever has one of those scores wins the hand, and cards are dealt no longer. This is called a natural win. When players are gambling, and this happens, they can cash out their wagers immediately.

There are a few more rules, though, depending on the score of the Player’s hand. If the total score equals 6 or 7, then that’s it. But, if the score is lower than 6, the player has to draw yet another card. Additionally, the Banker must follow some rules depending on the card the other hand draws. Lastly, given the slight advantage you have on Banker bets, you need to pay 5% to the casino for every win.

Understanding and learning the rules should be easier with the table below. It encompasses all the drawing rules of the Baccarat game:

Drawing Rules of Baccarat

The Player Hand:

Total of first two cards Action
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Dealt a card
6 or 7 No Card
8 or 9  No Card

The Banker Hand: Is dealt a third card only when the player hand has

Total of first two cards dealt The third card dealt when player’s third card is No Card when player’s third card is 
3 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 8
4 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 0, 1, 8, 9
5 4, 5, 6, 7 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9
6 6, 7 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9
7 Never
8 or 9 Never

The Best Bets in Baccarat

Placing wagers on the Banker’s hand is the best option. The house edge for betting on this hand is 1,06%, whereas for betting on the Player’s hand, it is 1,36%. which isn’t much but still matters. Alternatively, you can bet on a tie outcome, which is the least possible situation but pays 8 to 1 in most casinos. The following table shows the house edge for different games just for comparison:

Baccarat Banker 1.06% 0.93
Player 1.24% 0.95
Tie 14.36% 2.64
Big Six $1 11.11% 0.99
$2 16.67% 1.34
$5 22.22% 2.02
$10 18.52% 2.88
$20 22.22% 3.97
Joker/Logo 24.07% 5.35
Bonus Six No insurance 10.42% 5.79
With insurance 23.83% 6.51
Blackjack Liberal Vegas rules 0.28% 1.15
Caribbean Stud Poker 5.22% 2.24
Casino War Go to war on ties 2.88% 1.05
Surrender on ties 3.70% 0.94
Bet on tie 18.65% 8.32
Craps Pass/Come 1.41% 1.00

How To Play Baccarat: Guide For Beginners

The following list presents Baccarat how to play guidelines and will help you rule the table:

  1. Learn the rules to be able to follow the game (the goal is to get as close to 9 as possible, how much each card values, how the scoring functions, a natural winner, etc.)
  2. Look up different strategies on how to play baccarat online, to find the most consistent way to mitigate your losses.
  3. Decide how you wish to bet, but bear in mind that wagering on the Banker’s hand is the safest.
  4. Find a reliable and licensed online casino where you can play baccarat (it would be great if they have a live dealer version available).
  5. If having three successive winning or losing streaks, it’s best to rest a bit.
  6. Remember to be responsible with your money

Final Thoughts

Baccarat is a simple game that doesn’t require much time to master. To increase the chances of winning, it is enough to learn the rules and a few gambling tricks. It seems like a universal game that both old gamers and new players can enjoy.

Even though it is often played by wealthy guests, the game is not exclusively for the rich. However, it is also important not to get carried away when gambling. You shouldn’t place loads of cash on the Banker’s hand simply because it wins most frequently. As you could notice, there’s a slight difference in the chance of either hand winning.

It’s important not to exaggerate with money or time spent at the table. Remember that the Baccarat, like any other casino game, is a fun pastime rather than a way to earn cash, so think about your intentions before deciding to play Baccarat online or in a brick-and-mortar casino.


1️⃣ Is Baccarat Card Game Easy to Learn?

Indeed, the Baccarat game is easy to learn. The only thing that can seem confusing to a beginner are all the rules pertaining to drawing the third card. You may fear that you will mix up the numbers. However, remember that the dealer is the one doing the math. Besides, after a few games of Baccarat, everything will settle down.

2️⃣ Can Baccarat Be Counted?

Aside from the winning techniques mentioned so far, there is one more thing professional Baccarat gamblers tend to practice. Their Baccarat strategy is to count cards in an attempt to figure out which hand has a better chance of winning. It is necessary to start counting as soon as the game begins. This is how you do it:
  1. When the banker deals A, 2, or 3, add 1 to your count
  2. Add 2 when the dealer deals 4
  3. When 5, 7, or 8 are dealt, subtract 1
  4. When the banker deals 6, subtract 2
  5. 10-K is neutral

If the count is 16 or above, it means you should wager on the Player’s hand. If it is 15 or below, wager on the Banker’s hand.

3️⃣ What Are the Odds of Winning at Baccarat?

Now that you know how to play Baccarat and win, you may wonder how often it happens for someone to cash out the bets. Statistically speaking, the Banker’s hand has the best chance of winning – 45,8 % of the time. The Player’s hand will win 44,6% of the time. Finally, the Tie hand wins 9,6% of the time. In addition to this, the house edge when Ties win is 14,4%, which makes it an even less desirable option.