Jili Games

When it comes to online casinos, one of the main features to keep in mind is the different software providers people can find on these sites. In the Philippines, the most important providers are available for use. But in this case, we’ll focus on talking about Jili Games.

What’s important to know about Jili is the fact it is a well-known company that has been in the market for more than 20 years now. Thanks to this, Jili has become one of the main companies found at online casinos.
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🎮 Number of Jili Games Slots Over 100 Slots
🎰 New Jili Slot Super Ace
🏆 Maximum Win x2000 in Hot Chilli Slot
🥇 Average RTP Over 92%

Since their creation, they have been aiming to improve many things. Their graphics, compared to other companies, are one of the strongest points to mention, even in the Jili demo version for slots. And even though they mainly aim towards the Asian iGaming niche, their influence has been rapidly increasing around the world.

Also, the way a Jili game has innovated in the market is quite important. So, for people who want to get to know more about what the company offers and what makes them different from the rest, here we’ll talk about it!


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What Is Jili Games?

🔍 Founded The early 2000s
Official Website https://jiligames.com/
💻 License No information was found on the website
📞 Contact Email, Live Chat, Phone
📃 Specialization Slots and table games
🕹️ Unique In-Game features 3D Graphics, in-game bonuses, and more
🏆 Average RTP Over 95%

Jili is owned by a private company. Since their foundation back in 2020, they have focused on providing some of the best gambling experience people could ever get. Basing their operations on online gambling, Jili slots are now found all around the world thanks to their slot machines.

Telling people where Jili operates is kind of difficult, especially due to the fact they offer all around the world, thanks to online casinos. But on the other hand, they are also present in the Philippines, which is something great for locals to know.

On the other hand, even though Jili Online has become one of the main companies offering gambling solutions around the world, it’s hard to tell what company or gambling entity provides its licensing. But, it’s fair to say they have everything covered up due to the fact casinos with Malta, Curaçao, UK, and Canada licenses are allowing players to use Jili Games.

So, basically, we are talking about a company dedicated to creating different types of slots. Before we get to know more about the features offered by Jili and its slots, let’s see some basic information about the company:

When talking about Jili as a company, it’s important to know what games they offer to casino users. Nowadays, the company offers players from the Philippines and other places of the world different types of slots, that you can try at 22win Philippines.

Of course, as a company focused on giving casino users unique experiences, they have also added some extra games to their list, such as cards and other types of slots. It’s also important to note that Jili works on more than PCs, as they have worked hard to improve their services to mobile users too.

Leaving slots aside, it also developed the Jili CRM to help online casinos connect with more and more players. Even though this is not completely related to gaming, it is a feature that has changed the way Jili works and how they have changed the rules for casino gaming.

Jili Slot Features

For people who want to know more about Jili, one of the main things to know is the fact their slots work in a different way. When it comes to talking about a Jili Slot, there are features to keep in mind that will change the way players have their experiences.

One of the main features offered by Jili, and it’s something that even Jili free play games include, are in-game bonuses to improve how much people can earn from a single bet or even to get some free spins to hit a bigger Jili Slot Jackpot later! This is something unique due to how much these bonuses affect the way players enjoy slots such as Golden Empire or Super Ace.

Jili Slot Game

Also, other features included in a Jili slot game come with the fact graphics have improved a lot. Compared to other companies out there, the company has worked a lot to provide better graphics in their newest casino slots.

Mobile Gaming App

One of the main features mentioned related to Jili comes with their mobile app, like Winzir app. It is an app that people can download to their mobiles, and the huge gaming catalog from the company will be available there.

What’s even more important is the fact players have the chance to try out different games, not only slots but also card and bingo. That way, Filipinos have an easier time enjoying all of what Jili offers, which is great to know, and it’s important to note that the Jili welcome bonus is something found in these versions too.

In terms of where the mobile app works, as of now, the app is only available for casino slots for android in Philippines users. iOS users can’t get the official app on their mobiles, and that’s something maybe the company will change later in the future.

For people who want to know more about Jili Slots, it’s important to get to know more about what these provide and how they work. First of all, and as we said before, Jili has unique bonuses and additional features, which compared to other companies, make it a better alternative for players to enjoy at JiliCC casino.

For example, one of the main features is the fact people can get in-game bonuses. Whether it is a multiplier to get a bigger win or something else, such as free spins for a Jili free play round, it’s all available on these slots.

On the other hand, some of the available titles come with a progressive jackpot, which makes it even better for players. Titles such as Hot Chilli or Lucky Goldbricks are clear examples of the jackpots offered by Jili.

Now, even though these 2 are among the most popular games available in the Jili slot free catalog, there are more alternatives worth mentioning on the list.

🎲 Slot Name 🎰 Reels 🏆 Paylines 💰 Bonus 🧩 Theme 🏆 RTP 📱 Compatible with
Golden Empire 5×6 32.000 Offers internal bonuses Ancient Civilizations 96.5% PC and Mobiles
Fortune Gems 3×3 5 Offers internal bonuses Gems 97% PC and Mobiles
Night City 5×3 243 Offers internal bonuses Oriental 97% PC and Mobiles
Golden Queen 5×4 40 Offers internal bonuses Ancient Egypt 96.5% PC and Mobiles
Happy Fishing N/A N/A Offers internal bonuses Fishing 96.5% PC and Mobiles

As Jili wants to improve player experiences, one of the main features included on their official website is a list of free slots. Without needing a deposit or something similar, the company allows those who want to try out their games for free to do it directly on their website with the Jili demo versions!

Jili Table Games

For people who want to try something different from the best Jili slot game, now it’s time to focus on talking about the table games available from the provider. Currently, their catalog includes a variety of titles which makes it a better alternative for many.

In case someone is looking forward to getting to know all about the card games, this is the perfect section for them to find them. There are different card games related not only to poker but also to other important games found around Asia, which makes this category more complete to users from this area.

Also, a Jili game that’s also found here comes with unique roulettes alternatives. For those who want to try something new and want to hit the Jili slot jackpot, the different roulettes available on the site come as the best alternatives to make it possible.

Bingo Games

One of the main alternatives found on the table games provided by Jili comes with their bingo options. There’s no doubt people will have the chance to enjoy some easygoing gambling thanks to these games how easy they are to play.

But what’s even more important here is the fact that Jili has a huge bingo variety available for everyone to enjoy. Varying from the traditional game to flash versions of bingo, the company has created different types of games to suit different types of needs.

Similar to slot games, those who want to get to know more about how these work can give them a try on the website without a download!

Poker Games

As expected, there are different poker Philippines online games available for players to enjoy on different online casinos that include Jili on their software providers list. But what’s even more important in this case is the fact there are different types of games available made by the company, which is great.

One clear example of this comes with “Hilo,” a poker game that, instead of being played like the traditional version, gives players the chance to guess what cards come next to hit a huge jackpot the more you guess!

There are also other poker games available, such as Callbreak Game, which includes a poker variation famous in India. Without a doubt, Jili knows how to focus on the betting market without leaving players behind.

Other types of games

Now that people know more about table games and slots, it’s time to talk about the different types of games that are available for use on the PGasia.ph. This type of game is increasingly getting recognition around the world and is known as “Automatic Slots.”

These games change the formula by a lot. The more players play, the more they can get in case the slot works that way. Players can hit huge jackpots with these slots, but the risk of playing for too long is always present.

There are other games included on this list as well, such as a unique minesweeper version and some dice games!

Bonuses Available for Jili Casino

One of the main advantages of Jili Games is the fact they include the different Jili free bonus. This is something relatively common to see, but the company has put more effort into this to improve players' experiences.

It is important to note that the main bonus available in most games is the free rounds. When players hit a specific combination, they will get the chance to get some free rounds where they can still get real money. On the other hand, there are different types of multipliers that can increase players' winnings by a lot!

On most slots, these happen to be the most common bonuses found. There are some extra bonuses included, but they aren’t as common as these.

Pros and Cons of Jili Slot Game

Include in-game bonuses for most slots available.
Huge gaming catalog, which includes slots, table games, dice, automatic slots, and more.
Include unique variations for many famous games from different countries from Asia.
By visiting the official website of Jili, players can give most games a try without needing to deposit.
Players can access most Jili slots by either using a PC or through a mobile.
Improved gaming experience thanks to the graphics and themes managed by the company.
Jili is rapidly getting more recognition at online casinos.
Great RTP for most games available.
The website doesn’t have all the important information related to Jili as a company.
There’s no information about Jili’s licensing, which is a crucial matter for casino players.

Final Thoughts About Jili Games

As a whole, Jili Games has become one of the main companies in terms of gambling in Asia. In the Philippines, they have become a famous company recognized for their over 20 years career.

With many different games created throughout the years and by constantly improving what they offer, the company has managed to create some of the best games for the Philippines market and for other countries in Asia.

But there’s something important to note here. The fact that with over 20 years in the market and no clear information about some matters such as licensing and who’s behind the company is something to check out.

Leaving this aside, Jili is a company that deserves a try.


1️⃣ What is Jili Games Philippines?

Jili Games Philippines is a casino software provider with more than 20 years of experience in the market.

2️⃣ What does Jili Slot Philippines offer?

Jili Slot Philippines offers people the chance to enjoy many casino games. They have a huge gaming catalog available for players to enjoy.

3️⃣ Can I play the best Jili slot game in the Philippines?

Yes! All the best Jili slots are available for people to use in the Philippines and in other countries from around the world.

4️⃣ Is Jili Casino Philippines regulated and licensed?

There’s no clear information on this on their website. It’s fair to say they are licensed due to how long they have been operating in the gambling market, but there’s no information about who and when they were regulated and licensed.
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