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Blackjack is a quintessential game that’s enjoyed all over the world. In the Philippines in particular, Online Blackjack Philippines enjoys a massive following of both casual and hardcore players. However, it isn’t a game one plays alone if they really want to have fun.
🃏 Best Blackjack Casino Philippines: PanaloKO
💰 Best Blackjack Bonus: 20bet Casino
⭐️ Best Blackjack Games Philippines: Jiliko
💸 Highest Blackjack Payout: PHL63

Fortunately, today there’s no need to head out to a casino or gambling den to find other Blackjack players! Those who want to do it can get simply sign up for one of the many blackjack casino sites Philippines has. At these sites, they can play Blackjack online games to their heart’s content. And with increased access to the internet and smartphones, the popularity of such casinos is growing daily! If you are a Filipino player looking for the best places to play blackjack online for fun, then you’ve come to the right place. At OnlineCasinoHEX, we only review and recommend the top sites for this game. Keep on reading to learn about the best online blackjack sites Philippines has, what bonuses you can earn, how to sign up and play there, and most importantly some tips and tricks for winning!

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Top Casino Sites To Play Blackjack Online – May 2024

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Safe & secureSafe & secure
Expertly ratedExpertly rated
  1. 20bet Casino

    20bet Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 10 EUR
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 2000+
    • 20bet Casino launched in 2018
    • 2000+ casino games
    • Offers VIP Program & Dedicated VIP Manager
    Deposit Methods
    Cq9 GamingGamzixHabaneroHacksaw GamingJDB
    Live chat
    Free Spins Bonus
  2. BitStarz Casino

    BitStarz Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 97.8%
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 20 USD
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 1000+
    • BitStarz Casino launched in 2014
    • 1000+ casino games
    Deposit Methods
    GamzixHacksaw GamingKa GamingMicrogamingNetent
    Live chat
  3. Bizzo Casino

    Bizzo Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 97,8%
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 20 USD
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 1668+
    • Bizzo Casino launched in 2020
    • 1668+ casino games
    • Offers VIP Program & Dedicated VIP Manager
    Deposit Methods
    GamzixHacksaw GamingKa GamingMicrogamingPG Soft
    Live chat
    Free Spins Bonus
  4. Casino Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit ₱200
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 3274+
    • Casino launched in 2022
    • 3274+ casino games
    • Live Dealer
    Deposit Methods
    BgamingBooming GamesCrazy Tooth StudioEvolution GamingEvoPlay
    Live chat
    Play Now
  5. Jiliko Casino

    Jiliko Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 100 PHP
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 1053+
    • Jiliko Casino launched in 2023
    • 1053+ casino games
    • Offers VIP Program & Dedicated VIP Manager
    Deposit Methods
    Cq9 GamingEvolution GamingEvoPlayJDBJili
    Live chat
    Play Now
    Top Offer
  6. NationalCasino


    Welcome Bonus
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit USD 20
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 3000+
    • NationalCasino launched in 2021
    • 3000+ casino games
    • Offers VIP Program & Dedicated VIP Manager
    Deposit Methods
    GamzixHacksaw GamingKa GamingMicrogamingPG Soft
    Live chat
    Free Spins Bonus
  7. PanaloKO Casino

    PanaloKO Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 96%%
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 100 PHP
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 1-3 days
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 1133+
    • Fastest Withdrawal
    • PanaloKO Casino launched in 2023
    • 1133+ casino games
    • Withdrawal limits: 500000 PHP
    Deposit Methods
    Cq9 GamingEvolution GamingEvoPlayJDBJili
    Live chat
    Fast Withdrawal
  8. PGasia Casino

    PGasia Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 96.54%
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 100 PHP
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: Up to 30 minumtes
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 1449+
    • PGasia Casino launched in 2023
    • 1449+ casino games
    • Live Dealer
    • Withdrawal limits: Up to ₱200,000 per day
    Deposit Methods
    Cq9 GamingEvolution GamingEvoPlayJDBJili
    Mobile App
    apple android
    Live chat
    Play Now
    Fast Withdrawal
  9. SuperAce88 Casino

    SuperAce88 Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 50 PHP
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 1480+
    • SuperAce88 Casino launched in 2022
    • 1480+ casino games
    • Live Dealer
    Deposit Methods
    Cq9 GamingEvolution GamingJDBJiliKa Gaming
    Live chat
    Best Payout
  10. Xbet Casino

    Xbet Casino

    Welcome Bonus
    • Min. DepositMin. Deposit 45 USD
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 220+
    • Xbet Casino launched in 2022
    • 220+ casino games
    • Live Dealer
    Deposit Methods
    Live chat
    Play Now

Playing Blackjack Online Casinos in Philippines

Blackjack is one of the simplest card games. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting closer to a total of 21 without busting. More importantly, even though online blackjack is a game of random chance it is possible to use strategy to improve your odds of winning. When played perfectly, the average returns from this game is higher than every other.

In the Philippines, it is completely legal to gamble. In order to play at an online casino, regardless of what game, you must be at a site that is registered with and licensed under PAGCOR – the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Otherwise, you’ll be running the risk of ending up at an illegal or fraudulent site where your personal or financial data could be stolen. More than 70 different operators in the Philippines have a PAGCOR license. That means local players after they turned 21 have huge legal online blackjack games to choose from.

That’s why our reviews exist. We will narrow down the number of legally licensed and regulated casinos and select the very best where they offer you a sublime blackjack gambling experience. Both blackjack online real money and fun games can be found here.

How to Play Online Blackjack Casinos

For veterans of the gambling scene, this section might be a little redundant. But for beginners, this is crucial info, so pay attention! In order to play blackjack online, these are the steps.

Now, the rules of Blackjack are very simple. Here is how to play Blackjack:

  1. The game dealer deals out two cards to the player and himself.
  2. Both players look at their cards. The total is the sum of the face values of each card. The royal suite all count as 10, while Ace can be either 1 or 11.
  3. If the dealer has less than 17, they must draw another card.
  4. The player may choose to draw another card. Remember, the goal is to get higher than the dealer but not go over 21 (‘busting’).
  5. The player may continue drawing cards as long as they have 21 or less. If they go over 21, however, they lose.
  6. When the player calls it, their total is compared against the dealer’s. In the case of a tie, the player gets their money back. If the player wins, they get additional winnings on top of that.

What Blackjack Games Are Offered at Online Casinos?

Blackjack, like any other betting game, boasts numerous possibilities. Despite that, after a while, one gets bored of the same basic rules. That’s where unique variants come in. There are numerous different Blackjack games online where a small twist has been added to the core rules.

This is just a quick overview. Obviously, there are many more blackjack variants like Super 21 that put a unique spin on the original game and keep it fresh and fun.

Live Blackjack

Filipino players can experience live dealer blackjack at any time at online casinos. Here, there’s a real dealer handing out cards and taking bets. Going head-to-head against a real person is always way more exciting than playing against the computer. Live Blackjack Philippines has completely changed the landscape and practically obviated the need for brick and mortar establishments.

Live blackjack is also a great opportunity for beginners to learn the game. If there aren’t a lot of other players at the same table, the beginner can actually take it slowly and get some help from the dealer.

Mobile Blackjack

As the Philippines tends towards the latter, it should be obvious just how popular and commonly utilized mobile phones are. A mobile blackjack game is basically one that’s playable on a mobile phone rather than limited to larger screens. Of course, some customizations have to be made to make this possible. Some offer a mobile app, which has faster load times and better optimization. Others convert their website to a mobile version, meaning there’s no need to download anything. You can visit the site and get every single game available right at your fingertips.

This is done using HTML5 technology, which dynamically adapts the game screen size to the display size. Almost every single game of blackjack online uses this now, so no worries about your favorite variant not loading on the mobile app!

Real Money Blackjack

There’s a thrill that comes from wagering your money and hinging it on sheer luck. But there’re also folks who have dollar signs in their eyes, thinking of how people win millions of dollars at real money blackjack casinos or poker online Philippines. Now, you might not be able to win millions, but when in blackjack online real money is involved, you can come out with a tidy profit with a bit of luck and real money bonuses.

Playing Online Blackjack for Free

Most Filipino online casinos offer the option to play demo versions of the game. Note that this only applies to virtual or video games – there is no way to play a live dealer title for free.

Playing blackjack for free is a great way to not just have fun but practice for the real thing. Considering free Blackjack games are the one where practice makes perfect, playing for free is a great opportunity. One can optimize their strategies and plan out the perfect move for each opening hand.

Bonuses Available in Online Blackjack Casinos Philippines

Every online gaming site features bonuses, and blackjack casinos Philippines are no different. The exact nature and quantity of these bonuses vary, so we’ll just give an overview of each type and how they’re typically earned.

Welcome Bonuses are simply given out for creating an account and depositing. The terms and conditions typically come into play after you’ve already gotten the bonus and started playing. The welcome package can include 100% match on their 1st deposit up to $500 and free spins.

However, it is important always to read the Terms & Conditions for bonuses, especially with blackjack as many bonuses don’t apply to 21 or other popular table games. We kept that in mind when recommending sites, so you won’t have to deal with this issue if you stick to those!

Best Online Blackjack Tips and Strategy

Whether you plan on playing for fun or with real money, you’ll want some blackjack tips and strategies to help you along the way!

  1. Make a Bankroll. A solid tip for any blackjack casino game. You are not allowed to spend any more than this, no matter what. This is one of the best ways to do financial planning in regard to online gambling.
  2. Don’t play when you’re in a bad mood. While playing games are typically supposed to lighten up a bad mood, casino games aren’t like this. So, don’t play while you’re in a bad mood – just leave it for now. Otherwise, you could start making rash decisions based on impatience rather than probability and start losing.
  3. Choose a reliable casino to play at. In this case, a good site refers to one with a solid range of games, fantastic bonuses and promos, and good customer support. Here, your overall online blackjack Philippines experience will be much better, and that translates to more fun and less frustration!
  4. Try and predict the odds. Good Blackjack players keep the cards they have in hand in mind before deciding whether to Hit or not. For instance, the player has a 10 and a 4 in hand. They can get a maximum of 7 without busting. Here, it is worth drawing another card, as the odds of getting a card of 7 or below are higher than the odds of getting more than 7.

For each round, the odds have to be calculated like this. Blackjack has been worked out in mathematical terms fully, so there is always an “optimal” move.

Basic Online Blackjack Philippines Terms

To play live blackjack online for fun is one thing. Winning and playing masterfully on an online casino site is another. To help you achieve this, we’ve compiled some basic terms you must know before playing in online casinos.

  1. Hit: When you wish to get another card from the dealer, you hit.
  2. Stand: You can stand after receiving your first two cards or being pleased with your hit. This means you aren’t interested in taking any card from the dealer.
  3. Split: When two of your cards match, you can split. In essence, you’ll match your initial wager and play two different hands of the same wagers.
  4. Double Down: If you have a bit of luck and think the dealer is weak, you can double down, i.e., double your initial wager and win twice as much.
  5. Anchorman: The last person to make a move before the dealer does in a blackjack tournament or online casino.
  6. Bankroll: This is the amount of money you’re willing to risk on a gamble; it’s different from your total cash.
  7. House Edge: The percentage of chance online casinos have in every stake. For example, an online casino with a 1% house edge will likely win $2 from every $200 you gamble.
  8. Burn Card: The first card placed facedown at the commencement of the dealings. It makes it difficult for players to decide their bets.
  9. Up Card: The card you can see from the dealer when you’re playing. The other card is concealed face down on online casino sites.
  10. Discards: These cards have already been dealt in the game and are discarded idly until reshuffled for a new shoe.
  11. Flat Bet: It’s considered flat betting when you or any other player keeps staking the same money on every game.

Blackjack Online Casino Games Software Providers

There aren’t many blackjack providers active in online casinos in the Philippines, but authentic options exist. These developers make Filipino players enjoy high-quality and engaging blackjack variants. The most reputable software providers in Filipino online casinos include:

Developer Blackjack Types Available Mobile App
Evolution Classic, Infinite, Free Bet, Power Blackjack, Speed, VIP Blackjack Available
NetEnt Classic, Pro, Single Deck, Double Exposure Blackjack Available
Playtech Switch, Progressive, Perfect, All Bets, Cashback Blackjack, Live Casino Games Available
Microgaming Classic, European, Atlantic City, Vegas Strip Blackjack Available
Pragmatic Play Azure, Speed, ONE Blackjack Available

Real Money Blackjack vs Free Blackjack

There are two ways you can experience the thrills of online blackjack casinos: by playing for free and real money. Let’s discuss both.

Free Blackjack

Often, online casinos offer free play games on their sites. You might come across free bet blackjack or other free roulette games, which allow free gambling online to enjoy the thrills of the table games at no real cost. You can deal, split, hit, and do everything without staking your real money on any live dealer blackjack games. However, this also means you won’t be getting any real reward at the end, and you can’t play live dealer games.

Online Blackjack Real Money

This is the opposite of free blackjack games. Players get to stake real money here, which means you’ll get real cash rewards. The thrills and fun are at their peak because of the risks involved and added online casino bonuses. While free games are only available on selected titles, you can enjoy all live dealer blackjack variants with real money when playing in online casinos.

Check out the similarities and differences between free and real money blackjack in online casinos below.

Pros of Free Blackjack
Players get to test the game features on selected online casinos.
A good place for beginners to home their skills.
No betting limits or actual loss of assets or funds.
Cons of Free Blackjack
No cash or real rewards in online casinos.
Lesser thrills and fun since no stakes are involved.
Pros of Real Money Blackjack
Real cash rewards in live dealer blackjack online casinos.
Suitable for accumulating practical experience.
More exciting because of the risks.
Cons of Real Money Blackjack
Risks of losing money.
Real money live games could be more addictive.

Payment Methods Available in Blackjack Online Casinos

The majority of blackjack casino sites Philippines support several different types of payment methods.

The classic credit cards are accepted, of course. Nigh all Philippines casinos accept VISA and MasterCard cards. They also accept bank transfers. This is thanks to the legality of gambling making it easy to use legit methods.

There are also other payment methods, but they vary a lot across different sites. The majority should accept e-Wallets and online payment options such as Neteller, online casino using Paypal, or Skrill. Plus, there are also prepaid options like EcoPayz or PaySafeCard Philippines. Keep in mind not all options are accepted at all casinos or easily accessible for Filipino players.

Cryptos are also accepted at several sites, but there are way more restrictions on them. The majority of reputable online casino licensing bodies don’t accept Cryptos, though there are still some who do. If you wish to pay with cryptos, stick to our recs for reliable sites.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and other cryptos are a good way to pay for PH online games and casinos. They are always available anywhere and are decentralized.

The History of BlackJack Philippines

The game of blackjack was birthed by inputs from various parts of the world over the years. We’ll explore its historical journey from the 17th century until its emergence in the Philippines.

The Early History

The first citation of Blackjack was referenced in the 17th and 18th centuries. However, many have referred to various years as the beginning of this ancient game. One of the most widely accepted views was the Italian inception of the game. It was said that the Italians used to play the game using wood with different numerical values. It was named “vingt-et-un,” popularly called the game of “21”. There was also news of Romans playing the game called “31”. The consensus is that both games somehow fused to birth what we now know as “Blackjack” in the 21st century.

The Spread

Due to its interactive gameplay, 21 soon became widespread across the globe. Merchants, soldiers, travelers, and royalties quickly adopted the game and spread it across regions over sports betting. It soon became a popular option in casinos and gambling dens as well. As it morphed during this period, changes were made to blackjack rules to make it more professional and in tune with other games in land based casinos. The Game of 21 left Europe and got to America, probably through immigrants trying to escape the French Revolution in the 18th century. It later spread to Asia, particularly the Philippines, and the world trade became more elaborate. Its spread in the Philippines was aided by the multiple varieties available to play, its high RTP, and the opportunity to show class and status in casinos.

The Emergence of Modern Blackjack Philippines

In the 20s, they increased the payout rates of wins for a “natural” 21 (an ace card including another card whose value is 10) to 3/2. This further boosted its glory as players waited in line to try their luck. Other features, such as split, doubling down, etc., were added, making the game more interesting. The advent of the internet, online casinos, and now, mobile casinos boosted the game’s popularity. It added convenience to casino games, which meant players no longer had to adorn themselves in suits to play. Anyone could sign up and play their favorite live dealer games, especially the current hyperrealistic live dealer games. This meant that Filipino land based casinos quickly expanded their online presence. Filipino players can now play from anywhere in the country, with access to multiple online casinos, game varieties, accepted payment methods, and mobile device gameplay.


The Philippines has a thriving gambling scene with over 70 bustling casinos. The popularity of online blackjack is one reason for that, since otherwise, people don’t have any place to play Blackjack seriously at.

The best live casino Philippines and mobile games in particular are extremely popular, as they make certain aspects of the playing blackjack experience so much more accessible to crypto players. If you’re looking to sign up at one and start playing, then check out our recommended list!



What is the best bet in online Blackjack?

There is no one particular best bet in online blackjack. Instead, make your bets by depending on how you predict the odds for busting or beating the dealer. We recommend checking out the tips and tricks section on this page!

What are the best live Blackjack casino sites in Philippines?

The absolute best live blackjack casino sites Philippines is debatable, as it is subjective. However, we found that BitStarz, Spin Casino, and Jackpot City to be great offshore casinos.

How to play Blackjack online casino?

To play Blackjack online casino, all you have to do is choose the casino, then sign up and make a deposit. Once the account has money in it, you can browse the list of games to find one and start playing.

What is the RTP of Blackjack Online?

It is one of the best games to play when it comes to returns. The overall RTP depends on the player’s skill, but it can go up to 99.6% for a perfectly played game.
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