PayPal to Paymaya  How To Transfer Money

Are you experiencing trouble moving money from PayPal to a Philippine bank account? If you’re reading this article, you want to learn how to transfer funds from PayPal to PayMaya.
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Simple enough: following both firms’ working together, you can move your money from PayPal to Paymaya online. Owning one of these accounts is convenient for individuals working online to make transactions and purchases.

To enjoy these features, you’ll need registered accounts with the providers before we can begin. If you are still without an account, install the application from the Play Store or, for iPhone users, the App Store, and adhere to all the instructions on the page where you register.

Can I Send Money From PayPal to PayMaya Yes
💰 PayPal to PayMaya Transaction Fee ₱ 500
💳 Minimum Amount to Send ₱ 283.77
💸 PayPal minimum withdrawal A minimum of ₱ 500 and above

Be mindful and aware that personal data, like an identification card, gets requested for verification. Click on the PayPal signup page on their official site.

Transaction timings could differ. Transfers usually finish in a day or two. Since these providers use strong security protocols, rest assured that your money is secure during transfer.

It’s time to have some fun after creating an account and getting verified on PayMaya!

PayPal to PayMaya Transfer: What You Need

You’ll need a little information to start a PayPal to PayMaya transfer. Here’s what you need to begin the transfer:

  1. PayPal Account: You will need a validated Paypal casino account to complete a transfer.
  2. PayMaya account: This account, too, has to be valid. To join, download the application and sign up with your personal information.
  3. Payment Details: Add your card information to your Wallet. Verify the details are correct to avoid problems with transactions.

How to Cash in PayPal Philippines

Using PayPal is one option to fund your account. You can move funds to your wallet if you’ve got funds in the selected account and are searching for a shift and a simple method to take it out.

Ensure enough money is in your account to make up the transfer amount.

Linking and Verification

You must first know how to link PayMaya to PayPal to move funds. Ensure that your Maya card withdrawal fee should contain a minimum of ₱100. You can connect both PayMaya PayPal accounts by accessing the virtual card. A refundable charge is going to be taken out of your wallet.

How To Cash In With PayMaya

You can do the following to set up your wallet:

  1. Open the app, then sign in with your login details.
  2. Select “Cash In” from the screen.
  3. Choose your desired partner or cash-in method.
  1. Step One: Get the Maya app on Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.
  2. Step Two: Start the application and record the virtual credit card number issued by Visa.
  3. Step Three: Input your PayPal login information and select “Get Verified.”
  4. Step Four: Tap “Continue” after entering your Visa Virtual Card information. Input your billing address, security code (CVV2), expiration date, and the virtual card number. Your card number will be used to determine the card category automatically.
  5. Step Five: PayPal will guide you on what to do next to finish the verification. You will get an SMS at the same time containing the code required to validate the account.
  6. Step Six: Return to “My Account” and select “Get Verified” once again.
  7. Step Seven: Tap “Confirm Card” after entering the 4-digit number provided in the SMS you got.
Bravo! Your PayPal account and card have been correctly connected. Finally, you can begin adding money to your wallet.

Your wallet will be credited with a nominal charge to confirm that you are the cardholder. The money will be returned right away. Make sure to verify that the link was activated by checking your email.

How to Transfer Money to PayMaya: Step-by-Step Guide

You can begin on how to send PayPal to PayMaya after linking both of your accounts. Regretfully, PayMaya does not support adding funds from debit or credit cards. Thus, you are unable to transfer payments to PayPal. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to transfer PayPal to PayMaya.

  1. Step One: Sign in to PayPal and select “Transfer Funds”:
  2. Once your PayPal account has money accessible, select “Transfer Funds” from the Summary menu.

  3. Step Two: Type in the amount you wish to transfer:
  4. ₱500 is the least amount to be taken from your account.

  5. Step Three: Select “Transfer (amount) Now”:
  6. The provider will complete your transfers within a few minutes or can take up to 24 hours after confirming the transaction amount.

  7. Step Four: Your Pay Maya account will be paid with the transaction amount, less the ₱250 PayPal transfer charge:
  8. To see if the cash was received in your wallet, launch the PayMaya app. On the home screen display, the payment is located under “Recent Activities.”

Final Words About PayPal to PayMaya Transfer

Completing a PayPal to PayMaya transfer is simple, but it needs close attention to transfer restrictions and fees. You have to ensure accuracy. Always verify the PayMaya ID twice. Recall that transaction durations might differ, usually from immediate transfers to a full day.

Look at the conversion rates the two sites provide since they might significantly influence how much you will end up with.

Security is something you should prioritize. Make sure you are using a secure network and your password is strong. You will enjoy a PayPal to Maya transfer fee by adhering to our guidelines.


1️⃣ Can I Transfer Funds from PayPal to PayMaya?

You can use the “Transfer” option to move money from PayPal to PayMaya by linking your PayMaya account to PayPal.

2️⃣ How Much Is the Transaction Fee from PayPal to Maya?

Transaction fees for PayPal to PayMaya are ₱ 500.

3️⃣ How Do I Send Money to PayMaya Without an Account?

You can use any providers that accept PayMaya as a payout alternative to transfer money to PayMaya without having an account.

4️⃣ What Is the ​​Minimum Amount to Transfer PayPal to PayMaya?

The minimum amount of PayPal to PayMaya transfer fee is ₱ 283.77.