how to play bingo and win

Do you often sit around a table with your friends trying to learn how to play bingo online, trade some stories and play a game of bingo to ward off stress and get hold of some extra cash? Then you will be mighty surprised to hear that this is exactly what people across the world have been doing since medieval times. Bingo was invented in its rudimentary form way back in the 1500s, when it was referred to as β€˜beano’.

Technology has made several leaps and advancements since then. Now, even if you find it difficult to get together for your weekly game of bingo, you can easily connect with your friends online and play a game of online bingo Philippines with all the similar rules and the same ambience as an offline bingo hall. Although bingo halls still exist for those enthusiasts who would still like to go for the in-person experience, reputed blogs such as Mecca Blog have stated that around 85% of bingo players have moved their game online.

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If you think along a similar vein and would rather enjoy bingo from the four walls of your house, then as a first-time player, there are certain essential factors that you must know. Newbies might get just a bit disconcerting with a wide variety of bingo types, themes, websites and jackpots available. This article will enable you to know all you need to and play more to win big with bingo online. Here you will know everything about bingo online for money and more.

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Online Bingo Rules

Bingo is a fairly simple game. All you need to do is to listen for the numbers being called out and mark them off your card. But, it also involves a series of different bingo calls and jackpots. Moreover, the introduction has also led to the creation of several new types whose rules are slightly different. Therefore, taking a brief look at the rules is helpful to both new and experienced players.

How does online bingo work?

The online version works similarly to land-based bingo, you must cross off the numbers from your list as they are called out. To win, you must cross off all the numbers on your card before anyone else. Usually, the difference in the certain game types depends on how many numbers are on the card.

The numbers on the card may be called out in terms of balls. For instance, 90-ball, 75-ball and so on. This is because in bingo halls earlier, the numbers used to be printed on balls before they were picked up by the callers. Bingo callers also like to surprise the players with cheeky little bingo calls of their own to liven up the game. If you are worried that the game might not have this feature, you can rest assured that that is not the case.

In the online version, getting the patterns to win is slightly different. You could cross off the entire card and win, or cross off just a line and win. Crossing off and forming a certain pattern could get you a special pattern. It also has mini-games to play during the bingo breaks for some added fun. This all makes sure that you have even solutions to the question of how to win in bingo.

What are the jackpots for online bingo?

Jackpots are also available for bingo games. Certain types provide a huge sum if you win. The two types of bingo jackpots are progressive and preset. Usually, experienced players participate in jackpot-based games.

In progressive bingo, the jackpot starts at a certain pre-specified amount and then grows every time any player buys more tickets. Generally, a progressive jackpot-based game is played in the 75-ball or 90-ball call. To win, you must cover your entire card within a certain number of balls.

Present days the players have to cross off a certain pattern or the full house, keeping in mind a pre-specified jackpot. The preset jackpot remains unaffected by how many players buy tickets after that.

What are Online Bingo Cards?

Bingo cards refer to the tickets that you must buy if you intend to play. These are just like the bingo cards that are found in halls offline. It is on these cards that the numbers that get called out have to be marked off to get the prize. The bingo card has squares with numbers on them, and the number of squares depends upon the type you will play. Some websites also offer bingo card generators, which you can use to play with friends.

Winning Bingo Patterns

Winning a game has a lot to do with the bingo patterns to win that get made as you race to cross off numbers in order to get the highest prize. Depending on the kind of bingo you are engaged in, you will have to dab off the numbers as they get called out and make the requisite patterns so that you get the prize you deserve.

The following are some of the most popular bingo patterns to win that can get you great rewards:

Some more bingo patterns to win, which look fantastic but are notoriously difficult to achieve, include arrow, bell, windmill and pyramid.

The Different Types of Online Bingo Game

Online bingo casinos have undergone a remarkable evolution, blossoming into a diverse array of captivating game versions that cater to the unique preferences and gaming styles of players in the Philippines. Each variant of these games introduces a distinctive twist to the traditional game, infusing it with fresh excitement and challenges.

In this section, we embark on a thrilling journey through the labyrinth of the world of online bingo variations, unraveling the intricacies of each version and allowing you to make an informed choice that suits your gambling desires.

40-Ball Bingo

This fast-paced version of bingo is perfect for players who prefer playing online with quick rounds and immediate results. With only 40 balls in play, the action is non-stop, and a winning pattern of your bingo game can form in the blink of an eye.

50-Ball Bingo

For those who seek a balance between speed and complexity, the next game, 50-ball bingo, emerges as an enticing choice. This variation introduces an intermediate gameplay tempo, infusing each round of the same game with a touch of strategic depth. The additional balls add an extra layer of excitement, creating an engaging experience that captivates both new and seasoned players with even more cards.

75-Ball Bingo

Enter the realm of creative patterns and captivating possibilities with the 75-ball bingo version. With its 5×5 grid, this variant encourages players to think beyond traditional lines and explore myriad geometric shapes and configurations when they are playing bingo. Whether you’re striving, for example, for a diagonal line, vertical, or horizontal pattern, 75-ball bingo presents a canvas of opportunities for players to become winners.

80-Ball Bingo

Embark on a journey through complexity and strategy with the 80-ball bingo adventure. This version challenges players with a 4×4 grid that strikes a harmonious balance between rapid gameplay and intricate bingo patterns to win. As you mark off numbers, you’ll find yourself deciphering new paths to victory, making every round an exhilarating puzzle.

90-Ball Bingo

This classic version of bingo retains the essence of the traditional game while embracing the online platform. Players mark off numbers on multiple cards, as they’re called, aiming to complete one line, two horizontal lines, or a full house for incredible prizes.

How to Play Bingo Online: Guide for Beginners

Follow the steps given below to play easily, even if you are a beginner:

  • Choose a casino Choose a website which suits your needs and provides attractive promotional offers
  • Casino Registration Go to the bingo lobby and buy your bingo tickets. Note that the higher the number of bingo tickets, the greater are your chances of winning
  • Choose your game The game starts once the first number is called. The software strikes off the number if it is present on your tickets
  • Time: 4 minutes
  • Supply: Bingo Game
  • Tools: Account

AutoPlay is available, automatically marking off numbers as they get called. The best card sorting software also lets you sort the cards so that the best one is on top.

Bingo Money Management Tips

Effective money management is a crucial sign of successful online bingo play. Follow these steps to ensure you’re making informed financial decisions when you play bingo game at the chosen casino site:

  1. Decide on a Bingo Online Bankroll before Playing: Set a budget for your bingo sessions at the chosen casino platform and stick to it, regardless of wins or losses.
  2. Buy Cheaper Bingo Cards: Opt for lower-cost cards with random numbers to extend your gameplay and maximize your chances of getting prizes when playing bingo game.
  3. Buy Online Bingo Card Booklets or Packs: Purchase card booklets or packs and increase your chances of hitting winning bingo patterns.
  4. Go Partner with Another Bingo Fan: Consider teaming up with a friend to share costs and purchase more cards with random numbers and winnings, enhancing the social aspect of the bingo game.
  5. Use of Bingo Online Bonuses: Utilize free bonuses and promotions offered by online bingo platforms to play free bingo and enhance your bankroll.
  6. Play Jackpot Bingo Online Only If You Have the Right Budget: Jackpot games require higher stakes to play bingo, so ensure your budget can accommodate them.
  7. Play Bingo Online at Off-Peak Times: Playing during off-peak hours might result in fewer competitors, increasing your winning chances.
  8. Understand Bingo Game Variations: Familiarize yourself with the rules and bingo winning patterns Philippines to make informed decisions.
  9. Don’t Spend Your Bingo Online Winnings Immediately: Instead of reinvesting winnings immediately, set aside a portion to purchase more random cards to play your future bingo game.

The world of online bingo brings the joy of this classic game to your fingertips, along with the convenience of modern technology. By understanding the various bingo patterns Philippines, how to play bingo online, cheap online bingo sites, employing effective money management strategies, and exploring the pros and cons of online play, you’re well-equipped to embark on an exciting bingo journey and play bingo.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, embrace the virtual bingo casino halls, play online, and get ready to shout “Bingo!” in the comfort of your home. Good luck, and happy playing!

Pros And Cons of Playing Online Bingo Games Philippines

The allure of playing bingo games in the Philippines is undeniable, offering both new players and seasoned players an electrifying way to experience this beloved game from the comfort of their homes. However, as with any form of entertainment, online bingo games come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In this section, we will delve deep into the multifaceted world of online bingo, exploring the various pros and cons to provide a holistic understanding before you embark on your virtual journey through random numbers, horizontal lines, and winners.

Unprecedented Convenience: The ability to indulge in free bingo games online eliminates the need to travel to physical venues. With just a few clicks, you can immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of bingo from your living room and enjoy free games.
Diverse Range of Bingo Variations: Online bingo platforms offer an array of game variations (for example, they offer free bingo games), catering to different preferences and playing styles. Whether you’re drawn to the fast-paced action of 40-ball bingo or the strategic depth of 75-ball bingo, online bingo casinos have something for everyone.
Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions: Online bingo casino platforms frequently entice players with enticing bonuses, free space, free games, promotions, and loyalty programs. These extra incentives boost your winning potential and provide added value to your bingo play experience.
Flexible Playing Hours: Unlike brick-and-mortar bingo halls with fixed operating hours, free bingo games run 24/7. This flexibility allows you to fit play sessions into your schedule, ensuring you never miss out on the excitement of a bingo game.
Absence of Physical Presence: While online bingo offers convenience, it lacks the palpable atmosphere and personal interactions of traditional bingo hall games with a bingo caller. The absence of physical presence can impact the overall gaming experience for some players.
Dependence on Technology: Technical glitches, connectivity issues, and software malfunctions can disrupt gameplay and lead to frustration. Relying on technology also means being subject to potential outages or maintenance downtime when you play bingo game.

In weighing these pros and cons, it’s evident that online bingo games in the Philippines offer a mixed bag of benefits and challenges. While the convenience, game variety, and potential rewards are compelling, players must also navigate the potential pitfalls and complete responsible gaming practices before the game starts.

Final Thoughts

Bingo is a simple and fun game to play, with friends or family, in bingo halls or online. With cheeky bingo calls and the adrenalin rush of striking off numbers to get winning patterns, bingo can be enjoyed by all for the low stakes of buying a couple of cards. The online version of the game has very little difference from offline and can be played free, provided that you register. Once you become an experienced player, you can take a look at the bingo jackpots available online.

CasinoHEX Philippines suggests that in the beginner level of bingo, it is better to go for the 75-ball square game with preset jackpots. Get a one-line, double-line, or maybe even a full-house victory. Wait for some expertise before betting on progressive bingo jackpots to clearly understand how to win. We also prepared the full guide on how to play online lottery and win.


1️⃣ Can you play bingo online and win real money?

Yes, you can enjoy bingo online and win real money. Just register and buy tickets from the Bingo Lobby. Let the software do the rest.

2️⃣ Can you win money on bingo apps?

Yes, bingo apps are also available for you to win money. Similar to websites, apps allow you to buy bingo tickets and let AI handle the rest, from striking off numbers to predicting patterns.

3️⃣ How do I join GCash online bingo?

To join, you must follow the steps below:
  1. Open an account with Globe Telecom
  2. Download the GCash App
  3. Connect the GCash App to a funding source such as your debit card or bank account
  4. Choose your favourite bingo site and register to use GCash and play online

4️⃣ What types of online bingo are there for Filipino players?

Filipino players can enjoy a range of online bingo variations, including 40-ball, 50-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball bingo games.

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