Evolution casino Crazy Time game is an insane twist of casino entertainment that came out back in 2020. This is not just a game but a marvellous showcase of luck, a lively dealer who spins the wheel of fortune. This how to play Crazy Time guide will take you down into the exciting world of Crazy Time.
🎲 Available Crazy Time Bonus Games Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Crazy Time
Can I Play Crazy Time For Real Money? Yes
#️⃣ What Is The Most Frequent Number 1, dots the wheel 21 times
💸 Best RTP 95.70%

We’ll delve into the basics: everything you need to know about the game and getting started. Then, we will move to strategies you can adopt to help you get a Crazy Time result, leading to a positive outcome. Next, we will look at the exciting Bonus rounds that provide more entertainment and offer even more chances.

CasinoHex will explain payouts and odds because of their importance. Lastly, we finish with the best ways to improve your game. Be prepared to rotate the wheel and enter a world of Crazy Time.

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❓ What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is live online, the dazzling wheel consists of 54 segments, which include eight wagering, four different numbered bets, and four special extra-bets. At the top is a Top Slot, which offers enhanced bets that can multiply winnings or even upgrade bonus games.

It is popular in the Philippines because it immerses users by involving a real-life dealer through live chat technology. It also captures Filipino players using vivid casino scores and exciting games.

Bonus games such as Cash Hunt and Pachinko present many thrilling online betting experiences. Crazy Time is one of the most preferred games among online gamers. Filipino players are attracted to casino scores this game because of the chance it offers to win great prizes.

Crazy Time

Graduation of rewards on the wheel

A colourful wheel with 54 segments is where you find yourself in the interesting casino Crazy Time Live. Cascading effects are created as each segment has diverse benefits. The wheel combines the glitz of numbers as well as the bonanza rounds.

  • The most frequent number, ‘1’, dots the wheel 21 times, offering a simple 1:1 score.
  • Next, ‘2’ appears 13 times, doubling the stakes with a 2:1 reward.
  • “5” and “10”, spaced out 7 and 4 times respectively, promise higher payouts in 5 and 10 times respectively.

Four special segments spice up the game, each leading to an exclusive bonus round:

They are high-stakes, so you’d have to wager on each one separately to get into these. Multiple bets are also possible with the option of number combinations, including 1, 2, 5 & 10, while working out the formula of the casino score Crazy Time. The design promotes a play game with frequent small wins and occasional big pays to give it dynamism.

✅ How to Play Crazy Time?

Gameplay is exciting, simple, and straightforward. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Registration
  2. It begins by registering your user’s account at any site that offers Crazy Time. You just need to put the required information.

  3. Login
  4. Log into your account when it’s set up. Go to the game’s section to see one of the most enjoyable alternatives, such as Crazy Time.

  5. Choosing Your Bet
  6. This is an exciting game where you can place bets, for instance, number 1, number 2, number 5, and 10. Alternatively, to be bolder, you can make wagers for special bonus games like Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time.

  7. The Wheel Spin
  8. Only after you have made your bets can the game take off. The host will rotate the big and beautiful wheel. Just cross your fingers and hope it will fall on your selected number before going ahead and placing your bet. Should it fall on a chosen bonus game, expect to enjoy an additional dose of amusement.

  9. Bonus Round Participation

Crazy Time is most notable in the bonus rounds. On a bonus game you bet on, the wheel will take you to another playing screen. They have different regulations, while they provide better winning opportunities. Do not forget, it is all fun in Crazy Time. Therefore, go for it, take a turn with the spin, and why not maybe fortune will favour you!

Crazy Time Live

🧾 Crazy Time Strategy

Players make use of mixed strategies and luck, all aimed at increasing winning chances. Putting some popular Crazy Time strategies into consideration, let’s see how they can enhance your gaming experience:

Crazy Time Bonus Strategy

To begin with, this strategy concentrates on wagering only on bonus games. The games have very high multiples, which translate into larger wins. The strategy is very simple but has great possibilities for significant remuneration.

3-Way Bonus Strategy

The high jackpot strategy involves placing bets on the bonus fields for games that promise high jackpots, such as Pachinko Bonus, Cash Hunt Bonus, and Crazy Time Bonus. Such people prefer high stakes and high rewards. They may be granted a multiplication of bets up to 100,000 times.

The Lucky Number 7 and Its Bonus

This may be yet another interesting alternative to take into account. This strategy involves the prediction of the numbers 5 and 2, which has about a 31% probability. This approach yields a reasonable return on an acceptable level of risk and a good payout ratio. The Lucky Number 7 Bonus strategy takes off where the Lucky Number 7 strategy ends. This is more of an artistic touch, mixing things up at a level of play.

Bonus Game Bonanza

The Bonus Game Bonanza places bets on every one of the four bonus games. This involves no missed chances of taking bonuses to keep every fun opportunity at your fingertips. Other strategies include:

  1. The playing-it-safe strategy considers wagering on the space with many numbered spaces alone. Since 45 of its 54-wheel segments are numbers, it enhances their winning chances.
  2. Crazy Time Martingale is a variation of the classic Roulette strategy. It’s a spin on the classic Roulette technique. Once you lose, double the bet, hoping to compensate for losses through a win.
  3. The ‘All In’ strategy. Make a wager for each spot with an entry into the bonus round and additional winning risks.
  4. With the Match strategy, you use pairs to bet with number odds that come with greater risk but offer high payouts on the five or ten numbers.
  5. The Multiplier strategy means placing bets on all outcomes that offer regular bonus multiplies. This should be applied every 5th – 7th round for great Crazy Time casino outcomes.

The game has a variety of approaches that bring different advantages. Hence, one can never know what will happen with every spin because it is a combination of chance and tactics. Adding these Crazy Time strategies to your Crazy Time casino results. With such appeal inherent in each of these strategies, playing Crazy Time is always exciting.

🎲 Crazy TimeBonus Games

As in most games, including Crazy Time, players have an option of spinning for a chance to play bonus games. These specially crafted rounds bring an additional aspect of excitement as well as more opportunities towards bigger payoffs and a bit more action. Below is a table about its bonus games:

Bonus Game RTP(%) Number of Wheel Segments Description
Pachinko 94.33% 2 In Pachinko, a puck descends a peg-filled wall to land in one of 16 zones, each with a random multiplier.
Cash Hunt 95.27% 2 Cash Hunt has a gallery of 108 symbols hiding multipliers. Players choose a symbol, reveal its multiplier, and multiply their stake.
Coin Flip 95.70% 4 Coin Flip shows two multipliers linked to a coin’s sides. A flipped coin decides which multiplier applies to player stakes.
Crazy Time 94.41% 1 Crazy Time’s bonus round offers the highest potential, with multipliers reaching up to 20,000x.

💰 Payouts & Odds

In Crazy Time, players bet on numbers or bonus games, with each number having a set frequency on the wheel and specific odds. A PHP 50 bet wins PHP 50 on number 1, PHP 100 on 2, PHP 250 on 5, and PHP 500 on 10. The four bonus games — Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time — appear a varying number of times, with winnings dependent on the game outcome.

Bet Number Number of Wheel Segments Odds Winnings (based on a PHP 50 bet)
1 21 1:1 PHP 50
2 12 2:1 PHP 100
5 7 5:1 PHP 250
10 4 10:1 PHP 500
Pachinko 2 Varies Varies
Cash Hunt 2 Varies Varies
Coin Flip 4 Varies Varies
Crazy Time 1 Varies Varies

🕹️ Best Tips For Crazy Time

While you begin to play, it is worth noting that, at the end of the day, the principal aim should be to enjoy yourself. To enhance your enjoyment, consider these simple yet effective tips:

  1. Begin with Modest Bets: Place small bets during your journey into the Crazy Time world. This allows one to try out the game before getting into serious business.
  2. Diversify Your Bets: Start small and slowly spread your bets as you become more comfortable. Add a variety of places and mini-games to spice things up.
  3. Wager on Multiple Sections: It is better to make a bet on several wheels in Crazy Time to strike a balance between potential profit and risk.
  4. Know the Game: Note that Crazy Time is a game of chance. Although options assist one in making smart decisions, they do not give a guarantee for constant victories.
  5. Play Sensibly: Establish a spending plan and adhere to it.}: Do not take losses and break every time. It also helps to keep you in charge so that you can maximally enjoy it.
  6. Tune into Crazy Time Live Stream: You could learn by watching live streams of other players, as this makes games interactive and interesting.



1️⃣ How does the game Crazy Time work?

Crazy Time is a very interesting live-show game. It has a wheel divided into 54 sections with 8 bets which are placed. Four numbers of varying spaces and payouts are picked on by players. They can also play in four different bonus games.

2️⃣ How to win on Crazy Time?

In order to win in Crazy Time, you must guess where the wheel will stop after spinning off. There are eight options where you can place your bets, and they pay different amounts depending on the segment that is chosen.

3️⃣ What is the max win for Crazy Time?

The biggest jackpot in Crazy Time is actually 2500x your stake. By a good dosage of luck combined with intelligent betting, one has a chance to bag a significant win out of it.

4️⃣ How many Bonus Rounds are there?

Crazy Time boasts four exciting bonus rounds: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. They each have a different way of increasing your chances of winning, which adds even more excitement to the game.

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